Mahonix collaborate with artists from all around the world. Here are some awesome designs for your home board.

Lion – Ilaria Sandri – BUY NOW!

Cat – Claire Najean – BUY NOW!

Octopus – Yvan Stanic – BUY NOW!

Jaguar – Claire Najean – BUY NOW!

Flower РGuylaine R̩gimbalt РBUY NOW!

Liones – Claire Najean – BUY NOW!

Owl – Ilaria Sandri – BUY NOW!

Goathead – Jordan Leal – BUY NOW!

Giraffa – Ilaria Sandri – BUY NOW!

Lion fish – Windy Shih – BUY NOW!

Coeur coquillage – Manon Joaquim – BUY NOW!

Wolf – Claire Najean – BUY NOW!

Lions – Claire Najean – BUY NOW!

Deer – Ilaria Sandri – BUY NOW!

Betta Fish – Windy Shih – BUY NOW!

Mandala – Maxime Mousseau – BUY NOW!

Loup – Claire Najean – BUY NOW!

Brain Skateboarding – Diana Aziz – BUY NOW!

Bisonhead – Jordan Leal – BUY NOW!

Fox – Ilaria Sandri – BUY NOW!

Bear – Ilaria Sandri – BUY NOW!


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