Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get. Got a question that isn’t listed here? Ask us by email info@mahonix.com. Our FAQs are always evolving. If there is a question you think should be there, let us know! We appreciate your feedback..




Who is Mahonix?

Mahonix is an online business based in Montreal (Canada) offering its design services to surfers from all around the globe. Our mission is to strengthen every surfer’s passion with creative designs. This is why we came up with this new board wrapping idea.

What is our product exactly?

The wrapping is a thin waterproof membrane made in Canada. It provides a new way of customizing your current board all by yourself from home.

Do you have a store I can visit?

Our focus right now is on our online store. But for further questions, comments or concerns, contact us to info@mahonix.com.

Do you have a media kit?

If you want to write about us, here is our media page.



What files formats do you accept for uploading my design?

We accept nearly all photo files ( .jpg, .png). The resolution has to be at least 300pp (minimum) or else the website will block your uploading in prevention of bad image quality.

What do you do with my design once my order is completed?

We don’t keep your design, its your property.

If I mail you a picture, can you make my wrapping?

We don’t take orders be email. You need to create your wrapping through the studio www.mahonix/customizeyours.

Can I customize my wrapping with any type of image found on the web?

Be careful. First, make sure you have the rights of the image because we will ask you the question in the studio area before uploading your design.

Can I use more than one image when customizing my wrapping?

Unfortunately, no but if you are able to merge your images together by using Photoshop (or any other browser) before uploading them, that will work.

Can I create two custom design in one order?

You can create two custom designs but not in one order.




Is there a guarantee on your wrapping?

We commit ourselves to replace every mistaken order or compensate for every defective product. However, we are not taking responsibility for bad installation, wrong dimensions or any other situations that we are not responsible of.

Can I cancel my order?

Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled.

What if my wrapping is defective or I am unhappy with my order?

We ensure you that we are doing our best to print high-quality designs so all our customers are happy with their order. Please send us an email to info@mahonix.com to inform us of your situation

* Upon reception of your order, you have 14 days to exchange your purchase item or return the defective product.

* Designs with removed plastic sheet cannot be returned or exchanged.





I am a photographer, video maker, blogger, artist, surfer or anything like that, and I would like to collaborate with you for a project.

We are interested in reading your ideas, please send us some of your work and let us know what you have in mind by emailing us to collaboration@mahonix.com.





Is it easy to install?

Yes, if you watch our installation videos and follow the steps carefully. Installing your wrapping is an easy thing. However, to maximize the long adherence it is important to be aware of some specifications all explained in the videos.

Can’t find the videos on how to install your wrapping?

Here is the link.

Where can I apply it?

Anywhere you want (front, back & fins). However, to protect your wrapping against impacts make sure it’s installed one inch from the edges of your board.

Is it slippery?

Some surfer have noticed a slight difference, but a lot of surfer said that nothing changed.




* Orders are usually processed and shipped within 10 to 14 business days.

* If you place your order during week-end days, your order will be processed on the next business day.

* Shipping cost are fixed and established according to your delivery address, not to the weight.


Will I have to pay for sales taxes duty and/or custom charges?

International customers may be required to pay sales tax, duty and/or custom charges. Please note that these extra fees and taxes associated with your purchase are beyond our control therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the customer to contact your local customs office for more information.

Do you have an express shipping service?

Yes, you will have the option when checking out your order.

How do I know my order is on the way?

Before we ship your wrapping, we will send you an email to inform you that your order is on the way.






How do I enter a discount code?

Once you proceed to checkout in the studio area, you will be asked to enter your discount code.

What currency are your prices?

Our currency is U.S dollars.

Is there an extra charge for adding a background color in the customizer?

No, it doesn’t change the price. It is part of your custom options.

Can I sell my artwork and designs on your website?

If you have an interest in selling your artwork, please take a look at our Contributor’s guide www.mahonix.com/artworks or contact us to collaboration@mahonix.com . We will look into it, thank you.

What type of payment do you take?

For payments, we use Visa, Mastercard, debit cards and PayPal.

* We take Visa and Mastercard only from the 25 countries listed below:

Germany / Australia / Austria / Belgium / Canada / Denmark / Spain / United States / Finland / France / Hong Kong / Ireland / Italy / Japan / Luxembourg / Norway / New Zealand / Netherlands / Portugal / UK / Singapore / Swiss / Sweden




I would like to give you my feedback regarding my Mahonix experience, where do I go?

We are always looking for ways to improve our services. Please share your experience with us by sending us and email to info@mahonix.com.





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